Monday, October 11, 2010

Exciting News: YOU Can Purchase the Anthology!

Yes, it's true: I have a link for you so you too can enjoy the anthology while contributing to relief in Haiti.

Go to to purchase one of our anthologies, and soon you - and any family or friends you wish to treat to it! - will have a rejuvenating dose of material to read.

In case you want to spread the word of our project, here again is a link to the specific site devoted to it in its entirety:

Return here soon: in coming months, we anticipate comments from contributing writers, readers, and more.


  1. Congratulations to all the student authors and staff who worked so hard on this, including Angela!

    Thanks in advance to all who support the project and the Haiti relief effort.

    Follow the project on Twitter WildMustangAnth and on FaceBook too WildMustangAnthology.

    Whatever you do, please buy a copy on the e-store, on Amazon, or in Japan (yes, the book is on sale there too!) - wherever is most convenient for you.

  2. Nice job! We've been getting some good feedback!

    The brand new WNMU Writing Club is now online too. We have a website

    Also follow us on Twitter and join us on FaceBook where we have an account and a private group for writing discussions.

    Our goal is to create ways for everyone to stay in touch between and beyond classes together.

    Email questions to